Sustainable fashion or slow fashion is nothing but designing or producing clothing that is of better quality and is meant to last . Sustainable brands not only  take in consideration the welfare of the environment and but also welfare of their employees.

Here are a few tips on how you how be more sustainable from consumers perspective .

1) Tip number one

If you want brand new clothing consider shopping from ethical or sustainable clothing brand more often since these brands tend to value principles of slow fashion making of reusable natural or eco friendly materials.These brands have awareness of their environmental impact ,wastage and usage of water and pay fair wages and ensure safer working environment for them. sustainable brands are usually expensive than fast fashion but you can view the purchases as an investment as they will last longer period of time.

(Some sustainable fashion brands that are also  affordable are as follows).

2) Make your clothing last:

If you buy quality clothing make sure that you take good care of them so that thier quality is not effected much with time.

3) Avoid impulse shopping:

We often buy clothes that ends up as clutter in our wardrobes.To avoid situations where you mindlessly shop for clothes, ask yourself whether you really need the clothes you are buying or would you actually wear them after buying.

4) Follow a capsule wardrobe style :

Creating Minimalist style wardrobe is basically is  shopping as needed instead of needlessly. Identify your style and what you really love wearing what you are most comfortable in.It is also intentionally curating a wardrobe that has pieces that are interchangeable In order to maximize the number of outfits.

This doesn't necessarily mean having as little as possible its just about being intentional about  what you buy or what you own.

5) Focus on buying timeless pieces :

There are some pieces of clothing that never go out of style and that can be worn, styled differently depending on different ocassions .Consicously buying versatile pieces of clothing  will you build a capsule wardrobe .

Although it's not really practical for everyone to shop sustainably.Most of the clothes many brands have right now are not really made from sustainable fibers but that's how our economy works its about demand and supply ,while many brands are moving towards sustainable fashion may be we as consumers can demand for more eco-friendly clothing so that the brands might just succumb to our demand or they  just get  motivated to look at sustainable fashion as a norm rather than exception.So next time you are out for shopping Do follow these tips and take small steps towards sustainablity .