Declutter Your Wardrobe, Improve Your Life 5 Tips To Keeping Clean

Summer is officially here! With that comes storing away the coats and the sweaters and bringing out summer essentials like shorts, rompers, and dresses. As you’re going out with the old and in with the new, here are a few wardrobe decluttering tips that aren’t limited to the summer season, but are here to help improve your life on a daily basis.

A clear wardrobe is essential for a clear mind. When you spend time looking for a specific item of clothing, it’s both frustrating and unnecessary.Instead of saying “I have nothing to wear!” every time you face the large amounts of old and unused items in your closet, follow these tips to create and maintain a well organized closet that has everything you need and nothing you don’t! Whether you implement all of the tips in this article or just one or two, your life will surely be improved.

TIP 1: SELL OR DONATE any items you haven’t worn in 2-3 months (excluding special occasion pieces)!

Although it is easy to discard unworn clothing items, it is overall better to recycle your items. One method you can use to determine whether you want to keep or donate an item is to flip the hangers around in the closet so that they are backwards. After a month or two, notice if there are any hangers that haven’t been turned around, which would indicate that you haven’t worn the item. If you haven’t worn it, ditch it!

Tip 2: Have a SYSTEM for organizing your clothes!

To clean the space you must first CLEAR the space! By removing all items from your closet you can assess how much room you have and how you want to use it, as well as taking the time to quickly dust any shelves or vacuum the floor. When you’re ready to put your clothes back in, figure out a system for organizing your clothes that would allow you to quickly identify each item. The system we suggest is to separate items by category. For example, you can put the tank tops together first, then t-shirts, then long-sleeved shirts, and so on. On top of this system, you can color code by lights and darks. This way, you’ll already know where a piece of clothing is.


Tip 3: Keep it MINIMAL!

To reduce clutter, you may want to hang up anything like jackets and heavier pieces of outerwear, and keep the everyday pants and t-shirts hidden away in drawers. This keeps your closet not only looking clean, but feeling clean as well.