4 Marketing Tactics Every Makeup Artist Should Know

4 Marketing Tactics Every Makeup Artist Should Know

Between running your beauty business and perfecting the art of makeup application, we know there’s a lot that goes into a successful career as makeup artists — that’s why it’s especially important to fine-tune your social marketing plan.

Whether it’s before-and-after images or a stunning online portfolio that gets you excited, let’s take a look at the four best ways for how to market makeup artists' services.

1. Improving your social media marketing strategy

Increasing your social presence goes hand in hand with makeup artists' marketing. And the good news is, when you’re makeup artists, there’s plenty to share! Here are some things to consider to improve your social media marketing strategy.

Tag Your Makeup Brands especially if they're used by your target audience

As makeup artists, chances are you’re enthusiastic about products. From mascara to eyeshadow, to lip colors, as part of your Instagram social media strategy, get familiar with tagging each specific makeup brand.

This type of cross-promotion social media promotion strategy, is a great way to get yourself out there, especially if the brand reposts your content! The more views your images and videos receive, the larger reach you’ll have when it comes to your target market.

Post Before-and-After Images of your makeup clients

When you’re in the makeup artist business, before-and-after pictures are key to successful makeup artists social media marketing plan. Essentially, potential target clients want to see what you do with a clean slate. Think of your customers as your canvas and don’t be afraid to ask them if it’s alright if you snap some photos. In many cases, they’ll be happy to help and proud to show off your artistry!

Be Consistent with your social media strategy and posting

One of the critical components for how to market makeup artists' services on social media is consistency. For freelance makeup artists, social media can be a fantastic tool to help spread the word. The more consistent you are, the more chances there will be for you to see and be seen.

Use the correct Hashtags for your target market

Whether you’re hashtagging something simple like #makeup, or something a little more details like #lashartist, utilizing hashtags in your social media marketing strategy puts you in your target market's hashtag feed. You can also use hashtags to organize your own content — think #lashesbygarima or #sanabridalmua. When your target market clicks on these hashtags, they’ll be taken to a gallery of associated content that falls within those categories.

Focus on Makeup for good social media growth

Although it can be tempting to post unrelated content, if you’re serious about getting the attention of new clients and your target market with your social media marketing plan, it’s a good idea to focus on makeup and makeup products. Don’t be afraid to share what you love, like that set of makeup brushes you can’t get enough of or that coral coloured lipstick that’s perfect for the season.