How to Build Makeup Clientele as a Freelance Artist

Whether you’re a professional wedding makeup artist or an eager student just out of beauty salon school, one thing is always true in the beauty industry — a consistent client list is key.

If you’re curious about exactly how to get clients as a makeup artist, we’ve got you covered. From increasing your social presence to building your freelance makeup artist portfolio, we know just how to land you those loyal beauty enthusiasts that will keep your day planner filled.

Increasing Your Social Media Presence

When you’re trying to figure out how to get more clients as a freelance makeup artist, a great place to start is increasing your presence by creating a social media strategy. If you’re new to the social media game — or simply prefer to stay offline — the task may seem daunting at first.

Thankfully, with a few simple tips, you can be on your way to social media stardom in no time (or at least, on your way to increasing your presence and drumming up some business for your freelance makeup artist career.

Choose Your Outlet: Will it be Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter, or all of the above? The good news is, you don’t have to do them all! Choose an outlet that gets you excited. If you need some guidance as to where your target audience turns for their social media connections, ask some clients what they’re using and why.

Set A Goal: Part of being a successful freelance makeup artist is setting goals, even when it comes to social media. Is your goal to book new clients or an exciting new makeup job, keep existing clients happy with tutorials, or simply get yourself out there and make connections in the beauty industry? Once you narrow down your goal, the sky’s the limit with what you can do on social media.

Create a Social Media Strategy: Having a content creation strategy will not only save your social media sanity but will also help with your plan for how to get more makeup clients. Focus on who your target audience is and think in terms of what they'd want to see.

Post Products: Have a makeup brush or makeup cleaner you just can’t get enough of? Posting products is a wonderful way to keep your clients engaged and share your makeup knowledge.

Post Client Pictures: Upcoming plans to do bridal makeup or makeup application for a special occasion? When your session is through, ask your client if you can snap some shots for social. Take shots that your target market would like to see.

Post Tutorials: Those of us who are less skilled than the professionals at makeup applications love seeing tutorials. Guiding your viewers and followers through a professional tutorial of topics like **bridal makeup, how to do makeup step by step**, etc. is a wonderful way to show off your makeup skills and connect with your audience.

Promote Your Portfolio to your target market

As you come up with your plan for how to get more clients as a **freelance makeup artist**, one of the most important things to do is promote your online portfolio streamlined for your **target market**. A makeup artist portfolio not only shows off your best work, but it gives your potential clients a point of reference and entices them to click that book button.

With your profile on our makeup artist appointment app, it’s important to frequently update it. Remember, you want your clients to see your best. As you grow as a professional makeup artist, make sure your image and reviews reflect that.