Online Styling And Makeup Services :Best Practices

As social distancing continues, online styling services or online makeup consultation have become an integrated part of our routine. Taking services online creates plenty of opportunities for technical glitches (and awkwardness). Whether it’s a pre-appointment consultation or helping clients learn something new, here’s how you as, personal online stylist and makeup artists can master virtual appointments.

online makeup consultation

Use a Mannequin for your personal styling consultation

Using a mannequin or a dress form to walk your client through the process is an easy way to help your client master a technique for eg. showing your clients how a sari would drape or a lehenga would fit if you're a wedding dress stylist. When it comes to styling a piece of clothing, teach the client what to pair it with and what all can be used to style it. If it comes to teaching a makeup technique, be your own model and go through the motions step-by-step.

Record Your Session for your online makeup consultation

While you’ve refined your craft for years, clients are typically less experienced when it comes to beauty techniques especially if you're teaching them how to do makeup step by step. Luckily, with a digital appointment, you can record your session to share with your clients for later use — giving them extra time to master their form and giving them self-care content they can play on repeat.

Set Up a Clean Connection with our online fashion and beauty app

Beauty and fashion are very intimate, to maintain that experience during a video call, make sure you have the right tools and tech in place. Make sure all of your necessary tech is fully charged before your session and you have a good network connection in the room. This is especially important if you're demonstrating something as precise as how to raise one eyebrow or how to use eyebrow trimmer? You can add a professional element by branding the background of your call.

Lead by example as a virtual personal stylist or makeup artist

Clients who're booking you for a service look up to you and you become their style or beauty role models. So you should lead by example and look presentable during your call. You're responsible for setting the style and beauty standards for your clients. In addition to that, make sure the lighting in room is flattering and the client is able to see you well during the session.

Know your clients well as their personal stylists and makeup artists

Before your video session, make sure you read the booking details properly and understand exactly what the client is looking for. If you're not sure about that, clear out the doubts with your clients beforehand using the chat feature on our online fashion app. It's also vital that you study your client's style quiz well before the session so you understand their body type and preferences and are able to guide them better especially when you're a wedding dress stylist or a wedding makeup artist.