Gel Glam 101 - The Complete Guide to Mastering Gel Nails Like a Pro!

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Gel nail service may be the ideal answer for you if you enjoy having nicely groomed nails that last for weeks without chipping. Gel nails have grown in popularity in recent years as a result of their long-lasting and robust nature. We'll go over everything you need to know about gel nails, from what they are and how they vary from other nail treatments to the application method and proper maintenance.

Understanding gel nails

As per gel nail professionals, gel nails are a sort of artificial nail enhancement in which a gel-based substance is applied to the natural nails. This gel is then cured under a UV lamp, creating a glossy finish. Gel nails are a flexible, yet robust, alternative to regular acrylic nails, delivering a natural appearance while being durable enough to handle daily wear and tear.

A gel nail appointment can last 45 to 60 minutes, depending on your nail artist's experience, technique, and nail goals.

Types of gel nails

Types of gel nails

  1. Soft gel nails are easily removed by immersing them in acetone. They're lighter than hard gel and are more commonly used with gel manicures.
  2. Hard gel nails are usually used to lengthen and strengthen your nails. Broken nails can also be repaired using strong gel.

Advantages of gel nails

  1. Longevity: Gel nails can last for two to four weeks without chipping or losing their shine, making them a low-maintenance option.
  2. Natural look: Gel nails provide a glossy and natural appearance that closely resembles real nails, with various shades and finishes to suit any occasion.
  3. Quick drying: Gel nails cure under a UV lamp, curing instantly, eliminating the need to wait for your nails to dry and worry about smudges.
  4. Minimal damage: Gel nails, when applied and removed correctly, have minimal impact on your natural nails, being gentler on your nail beds.

Maintaining gel nails

  1. Regularly apply cuticle oil and hand cream to keep your nails nourished.
  2. Wear gloves when handling harsh chemicals.
  3. Avoid excessive exposure to hot water.
  4. See your nail artist regularly for nail refills and to professionally fix chips.
  5. Professional removal is the best way to prevent damage to your natural nails.

Gel vs. acrylic nails

  • Gel nails are well-known for their flexibility and ability to resemble genuine nails. Gel nails require a UV or LED light to cure.
  • Acrylic nails, on the other hand, are more rigid and are made by mixing a liquid monomer with a powder polymer. Acrylic nails harden naturally.

Gel vs. shellac nails

  • Shellac nails are a combination of gel and traditional nail paint. The application procedure is similar to that of gel nails, and curing under a UV lamp is also required.
  • Shellac nails are often thinner and have a more flexible finish than standard gel nails.


Gel nail service is an excellent choice for people looking for stunning, long-lasting manicures. Their ability to create a natural appearance while still withstanding daily activity makes them a popular choice among nail enthusiasts. Remember to use proper maintenance measures to keep your gel nails in excellent shape.


Q. Are gel manicures safe?

  • Gel nails should be safe as long as you follow proper prep, application, and removal. Removal is a big source of harm since it’s easy to get it wrong.

Q. Are UV lights harmful?

  • Exposure to lots of UV radiation is harmful, but UV exposure from nail drying lamps is low risk when properly used. LED lamps are a popular alternative that dry fast and don’t emit UV radiation.

Q. How do I remove gel nail polish?

  • To remove gel nail polish, soak cotton balls in acetone, place them on each nail, and wrap with aluminum foil. Wait for 10-15 minutes, then gently push off the dissolved polish with a cuticle pusher.

Q. How much do gel nails cost?

  • Gel nail services typically range from 800 to 2500 rupees or more. It's best to check with your local salons for their specific pricing.

Q. How long do gel nails last?

  • Gel nails typically last for about 2 to 3 weeks, but their longevity can vary based on factors such as the quality of the gel application, your nail growth rate, and how well you care for them.
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