Vibrant Vows - Exploring the Top Indian Wedding Color Trends of 2023!

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Colors in Indian weddings are more than just hues; they are symbols of joy, tradition, and festivity. The year 2023 has brought forth a fascinating palette of wedding colors that are redefining the grandeur of these celebrations. Let's take a look at the top Indian wedding color trends that are stealing the spotlight this season, from rich classics to modern twists. Consider incorporating these trends with the guidance of bridal styling services to make your wedding truly remarkable.

Source: Sabyasachi

Traditional Red

The traditional red dress for Indian brides is deeply rooted in culture, symbolism, and beauty. It represents love, passion, and devotion, while also enhancing the bride's beauty. Additionally, the colour red provides a seamless blend of tradition and modernity, making it the popular option for brides across India.

For a timeless and captivating look, select a lehenga or red silk saree with gold embroidery, add traditional gold jewelry, and finish with red lipstick and kohl for an enchanting appearance.

Sabyasachi, Manish Malhotra
Source: Sabyasachi, Manish Malhotra

Pearled Ivory

For a variety of reasons, ivory has earned its spot as a top recommendation for Indian brides. Its popularity stems from its historical relevance, eternal elegance, versatility, and cultural adaptability. Choosing ivory for your wedding is an expression of tradition, culture, and personal confidence, not just style.

Choose ivory attire with pearl embellishments, pair with statement jewelry, and opt for soft, earthy makeup to exude timeless elegance and sophistication.

Samyakk, Jade by Monica & Karishma
Source: Samyakk, Jade by Monica & Karishma

Viva Magenta

When discussing Indian wedding color trends, the Pantone color of the year must not be overlooked. Viva Magenta is a fresh choice for brides who want to add a freshness to their wedding wardrobes without drifting much from the traditional style. According to Pantone, the color is a herald of joyful and hopeful celebration and hence perfectly compliments the zestful wedding atmosphere. This color is ideal for highlighting Indian skin because it is the perfect pink. It also creates a luxury appearance with little effort.

Go for a striking magenta lehenga with intricate details, paired with silver or diamond jewelry. Elevate the vibrant look with bold pink and magenta makeup for a captivating statement appearance.

Source: Sabyasachi

Jet Black

The advice of a black wedding dress for Indian brides in a world where bridal trends are always changing is evidence of the evolving tastes and preferences of contemporary brides. It represents a break with tradition, an acceptance of individuality, and a celebration of love in all its manifestations.

Choose a black saree or lehenga with intricate silver or white embroidery, paired with silver jewelry. Add a touch of drama with bold makeup, like a smoky eye and dark berry lips, for a striking and stylish look that's bound to turn heads.

Seema Gujral, Manish Malhotra
Source: Seema Gujral, Manish Malhotra

Glitter Golden

Without gold, an Indian wedding is incomplete. As a result, gold is a wedding color trend for 2023. Gold is the colour of royalty and sophistication which is a must in Indian weddings. Today, gold represents glamour and shine. Its brilliance and elegance make you stand out in a crowd. It not only looks wonderful on Indian skin tones, but it has also taken over the Indian fashion world.

Select a stunning golden bridal outfit with intricate zari or sequin work, complemented by traditional gold jewelry. Elevate your look with radiant makeup, including gold eyeshadow and a bold red or maroon lip color, for a truly elegant and opulent bridal appearance.

 Marwar Couture, Angad Singh
Source: Marwar Couture, Angad Singh

Sea Green

The color green has a special position in the world of Indian bridal attire. Traditionally designated for bridesmaids, the color is now popular among brides. It symbolizes cultural wealth, aesthetic beauty, and the prospect of a peaceful and prosperous union. Indian brides not only honor tradition by wearing green on their wedding day, but they also embrace the beauty and symbolism that this color provides to their big day.

For a stunning bridal look, choose a green ensemble with exquisite embroidery. Pair it with classic gold jewelry and opt for fresh, natural makeup in earthy tones for a radiant appearance.


The Indian wedding color trends for 2023 testimony to the shifting yet deeply rooted nature of these ceremonies. Remember, it's all about celebrating love, joy, and the exciting adventure ahead. A personal stylist can help you incorporate these captivating color trends into your wedding, and watch as they transform every moment into a piece of art and a treasured memory.


Q. What is the significance of colors in Indian weddings?

  • Colors in Indian weddings hold immense significance as they symbolize joy, tradition, and festivity. They play a crucial role in conveying the spirit and emotions of the celebrations.

Q. What are some tips on choosing the right color for different wedding events?

  • For winter weddings, consider velvet fabrics in rich hues like green. Soft and flowing textiles in lighter shades work well for daytime gatherings and summer weddings. It's important to choose colors that resonate with your personal style and the theme of each event.

Q. How can I incorporate these color trends into my wedding?

  • You can incorporate these captivating color trends into your wedding by choosing attire, décor, and accessories that align with the chosen palette. Whether it's traditional red, pearled ivory, vibrant magenta, or any other trend, these colors can transform your wedding into a memorable work of art.

Q. Are there specific cultural or regional considerations when choosing wedding colors?

  • Yes, different regions and cultures in India may have specific color preferences and symbolic meanings associated with certain colors. It's a good idea to research the cultural significance of colors in your particular community.

Q. Can you provide tips for coordinating bridesmaids' attire with the chosen color trends?

  • To coordinate bridesmaids' attire with the chosen color trends, you can either select different shades of the same color or opt for complementary colors. This creates a cohesive and visually appealing bridal party look.
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